Tuesday, October 7, 2008

King Tiny's Coffin and New Temple Rats Colors

Tiny and Great Temple are arrived the colors. Have enjoy see my colors on it. :)
Color like more Pink of Hairless.

Great Temple had gold and Very long bigger.

Check out my website about Map are arrive new Refix new map.
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Art of Egytpain~Rats Castle Map

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

King Tiny's Coffin and New Temple Rats

I am finished drawing both Tiny's Coffin and Rebuild new Temple Rats. Why I should rebuild old church to new Temple? Because I would like to more bigger become great Temple.
Both drawing will come color as soon. I will busy work out on the color. :)
Very great of Temple and you did see rat statue what I talking about last post...

Temple Rats are mix by JapChinese~Rats, Egyptian~Rats, Knight~Rats and Aztec~Rats.
King Tiny. (Color coming soon)
Great Temple of Critters