Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drusilla's Husband Matt Kapline passing away and Cindy Sparks' husband too. Please Support to them.

I got emailed from my friend and I send to here sharing to someone.
I believe Matt Kapline is very great artwork with Drusilla Kehl.
I have their artworks and I will send her my drawing card and support for her.

I'm not sure if you have heard, but Drusilla Kehl's Matt Kaplin passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon. They were both self-employed and had no health insurance and recently moved from a bad situation in Jamaica back to the United States to start their lives over. The rat community, the art community and the world lost a very great man, artist and friend when Matt passed. I know his greatest wish would be to help Drusilla in any way we can. If you can't help financially, I'm sure she would appreciate an email of support. Matt's artwork: The top pictures are Dru's, the numerous drawings below are Matt's. Enjoy...

Dru's PayPal address is:? Message at facebook RatPirate Horner find me here will give you one.

Another great rat friend, Cindy Sparks, also lost her husband in similar circumstances yesterday. Cindy is now a single mother who has not held a job outside the home for the past 20 years. She is completely lost and frightened. I do not know her PayPal address yet, but if she has one, I will pass it on to all of you.

As you consider your holiday giving, please keep these grieving ratty friends in mind and in your hearts. A small donation can mean a great deal when you are suddenly alone with no income.

Thank you my friend,

Cindy Goehring


Anonymous Lady Shamisen (Gabby) said...

Oh no! I had no idea! I don't know if I know Cindy, but am a big fan of Drusilla's. This is terrible news :(

December 5, 2010 at 8:12 AM


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