Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good News

I am come back. Hello Someone and missing you for months. Good News, I am very happy that I found a job last Oct 7th. I starting working in SPCA and care with Rabbit and Rodents :) I got new friend who partner work with me. She is very nice and teaching me what doing with rabbits' cages and feeding and refill the water. I was very slow and learning two weeks passing when I got better have too fast :)
I do showing her of my past the rats and drawing too. She love it and never see before what I did drawing :)

Last Wed, I check all mice for food and refill the water. But I notice all six mice was not move and found one is dead for long time. I trying wake six mice and shock that they are cold as freeze. I was rushed save them. I take all six mice put the small cage and lots towel keep warming of them. I decide I take all six mice come home with me for nurse. Today, they are very warming and bring back normal. I still medical their skin problem and poor health. When they are 100% health will be ready for adopt. If you are internset want adopt them contact me. In Las Vegas, NV.



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