Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello Everybody

Hi. I am sorry take you wait to long. Because I was spend time with my friend. I went his BBQ party and My friend come to my home for one weeks. We just chatted a lot. Now He went to going home. I am alone today and Tai is make us crazy. Tai always climb up and jump over my leg. And Tai always jump over my computer's table well. Today Jacky and Tiny is very love sleep place here is:
Jacky love new cube hammock.

Tiny is sleep on Dusty's own Igloo.

They was sleep for while. For reason of Tai and Li is out to playing.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Art: Dusty's Tomb

I take drawing after Dutsy's dead. I really sad and want drawing for him. Next day, I add color on the computer, I use call "Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8" I really love this one... You can see here that what I drawing after him.

And I will make Tomb Map for Dusty's Tomb as soon. You can look click here:
"Tomb Map"

Friday, May 9, 2008

Good-Bye to Dusty

It is bad news. Dusty cant going surgery. Because Dr. called to my mother and ask me. It is not good one that tumor did already cover muscles and veins. Dr. ask me if I want remove his leg maybe come worse. I decide I want let him go be freedom without suffer. I told Dr. I want come see Dusty for while before let him go. I pet him and talking I told him "You going dead and will be ok" I kissed his head about three times. Dusty saw me and head come up look at me. Dusty's nose did kissed to my nose. I kissed back more, and say goodbye. Dusty is passing away about 2pm.

(2007-May 9, 2008)

Dusty's sister are good health. I wish Dusty is good health well. I dont know why he have it very early. I really feel bad see him have suffer for nothing. I wish save his life but have to going without suffer that tumor. Dusty is enter the heaven and saw grass, sky, sun, flowers, cloud, Animals running around and meet new friends. Now Dusty is new home already.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dusty going to Surgery.

Dusty is went to Vet see Dr. check his bump size like golf ball and worse sore skin and have little bleed. Dr. is believe it is Tumor. Tumor is always grown too fast. Dr. told us have to remove tumor. So, Dusty have to going back Vet by tomorrow (May 9) And after surgery Dusty will come back home and rest for while. I already have two baby foods for him. And he will have to living one level cage be safe his sewing.
Dr. told my mother about Tumor. If you left Tumor for while can killing organ. Tumor can pull oragn and killed. Would need remove will safe for organ.

Good Lucky to Dusty. "Get Well Soon"