Thursday, February 28, 2008

Funny Paint on my face.

I really have idea when my best friend make me like it. Now At Last, I want be show the people that I am Art like my friend. Have join the photo of them.

Good-Bye Sandy

I really missed her so much already. My mother cant have her anymore. I dont know why. I hope the lady and his husband love her and playing with her better than past. I wish I can keep her. But I cant because I only have five rats. It is not good time with puppy. I favor at future I will have Husky or other dog :)

Good Bye Sandy. I hope Sandy have great time with new owned.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Congratulation to Ratatouille

Congratulation to Ratatouille

Ratatouille swept the board at the animation industry's Annie Awards in Los Angeles on Friday, taking home 10 prizes.

I cant believe they got 10 awards. Ratatouille is my favorite movie and great animation.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Drawing of Dusty

"Dusty is King of the Warrior"

Why I would like drawing for Dusty become the warrior?
Because Dusty is give me idea new story in Egyptain~Rats. I want drawing Rats Warriors.
I found out that Dusty's name meaning "warrior" I was surprise Dusty is.

"King of the Warrior"

Dusty is King of the Warrior after King Keno.
Dusty is born and raised training the fighter. Today Dusty is very powerful the warrior.
Dusty is assistant for King Keno in the wars. King Keno gave Dusty become "King of the Warrior"

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New header blog arrived

What you think at top header of blog the picture? Two black rats name is Tai and Li. But careful look at both ear is different, Cut ear is Tai and no cut ear is Li and Two hairless rats is Jacky and Tiny, Careful again Jacky have normal eyes and Tiny is one big and one small eyes.
Tan rat is Dusty. Smile.

Please Check my Website of "Art of the Egyptian site"
"Rats' Names Meaning"
"Dusty's Story"
"Tai and Li's Story"
Coming soon.
I will let you when they are arrive. Keep check my blog.

Friday, February 15, 2008

We are adoption the puppy

Her name is Sandy. She born on Dec 11, 2007. I found news in myspace of my good friend is search for two puppy find new home. Now I quick email to him and buy it. I bring Sandy to new home and gift to my mother. My mother is very happy and good mood... Sandy is always lick as kiss on us... She was friendly, playing, chew her new toys, enjoy sleep on my mother...
Here video of her.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I adoption two boy rats

I adoption boy the rats from breeder lady. She really nice give me have Jacky and Tiny now new two boys (unknown names yet) I still think what look good on two boys. Maybe Japanese or Chinese think cool names. Maybe be Tai and Li. Tai meaning is "Very Big" and Li meaning is Black or Strength. I am still work out their new names and new picture for headed of blog...



Li is born on Dec 21, 2007. And Tai is come from pet store. Today they are with like brothers.
I would have story in "Egyptian~Rats" for Jacky and Tiny have a sons. Also Dusty will be story about "King of Warrior" Dusty meaning "warrior"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Belated Year of the Rat

Year of the Rat!

I really busy spend with my best friend for my birthday last 5th. I am turn 26 year old. I have enjoy with my best friend went spend the store in the Mall. Tiny is very curious to my best friend all time and bother him when he is sleep. I really sorry to him. I am bad for him lol.
Now I and Braz are drawing for year of the rat on Feb 7th. We finish almost midnight. But we are delay put our blogs. You should check his blog in my "Friends Blog" list and see "Brandon Coffey".
We are really love drawing. Bad news we plan for paint. My watercolor paint only one white is very low. I need buy more. :(
Here of my drawing for Year of the Rat!
Rats Rule!

Japchinese~Rats From Egyptain~Rats

"Unfinished the Paint"
I will catch the paint to finish but I will buy more white paint.

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Drawing for someone.

"The Angels of Sisters are bring Music"
The Lady ask me for favor drawing for his four sisters are passing away.
I decide want be like angel with the music.
Now, look at my drawing are very beautiful like heaven with light colors.

If you wanted like this drawing to buy. Please check website click here.
"The Art of Egyptain~Rats"